Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Houston, and on Sue Ann Perna, who writes with bravery about how this hurricane impacted her mental illness and changed her life. Showing the word what is possible with mental health challenges.

drinking because bored

Before I started drinking too much, I loved to write. I kept a notebook and pen beside my bed in case I woke up in the middle of the night with a brilliant song lyric or poem. Your friends are out getting drunk, same as they always do.

Alcohol didn’t make life fun. It just made you not care.

Even if you don’t think you have a problem, talking to a professional might give you the information you need to ensure you have a healthy relationship with alcohol. If you know you will feel lonely or down, try and plan some interactions to reduce those feelings and your reliance on alcohol.

When you quit, your brain is underwhelmed by things that might normally be interesting and enjoyable. Your brain is only sensitive to things related to drugs and alcohol.

How To Use First Principles Thinking To Get Control Of Your Drinking

I say that because a part of me doesn’t believe anything will happen as Ive been doing this for the past 28 years and I have had check ups with nothing wrong with me, liver, heart, etc etc is all fine. But I do not think I will ever get over the boredom. Actually it’s not so much boredom but just a feeling that nothing is exciting anymore. I don’t know how I could do this if I had to commute and go to work everyday. Or if I had friends who liked to drink a lot.

Allamani A., Beccaria F., Voller F. The puzzle of Italian drinking. Author A designed the study and wrote most of the manuscript. Author B conducted the statistical analysis and wrote the Results section. Author C conducted literature searches and provided summaries of previous research studies. All the authors had approved the final manuscript.

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Catching signs of abuse early also minimizes the risks of adverse health effects and increases the probability of achieving sobriety much more quickly. While it doesn’t automatically indicate alcohol use disorder drinking out of boredom can expose users to the extensive list of short- and long-term health effects due to ongoing alcohol use. However, drinking because of boredom because it’s so common, we can fail to recognize the importance of addressing it. Boredom can cascade into serious issues like battling loneliness, uncovering deeply seeded shame and self-loathing, and even feelings of high stress can become prevalent. Drinking out of boredom is how some choose to deal with the dull moments life throws at us.

In almost all the studies on gender differences, boys were more likely to present binge drinking behaviors (e.g., Kuntsche et al., 2004). Addiction leaves a big hole to fill and if you don’t keep yourself occupied that hole will fill with negative thoughts and actions. The more you’re bored, the better your chances your mind has to drift to dark places so take care of that boredom with healthy activities including meetings, hobbies, volunteering, and more. Before long you’ll happily accept the newfound peace that boredom can bring.

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